Friday, August 14, 2009

Event Delay

Hopefully I've gotten to everyone who expressed interest but I had something unexpected come up and have to delay the Dash for Cache for two weeks.

If you really want to get out there right away just program your GPS and go to the start at the Yearling Trail and see what you can do in 12 hours.

I'll have further posts soon.


Sunday, August 9, 2009


There are over 100 caches that you can capture!!

Whomever gets the most points based on terrain, difficulty and bonus wins. I will have different divisions based on the the mode of transport that people will be using and there will be separate winners for each division.

The spreadsheet has a distance bonus that ONLY applies to participants that are doing the event on foot.

You may use any method at your disposal to find each cache except for finding them prior to the event.

The course will be bounded by 19 on the East, 40 on the South, 314A on the West and 314 on the North. You may use any road that helps you to find a cache.

There may be a couple caches that are slightly north of 314 to the north and they will still be counted.

The event will start at 29 14.483 and 81 40.253. This is the beginning of the Yearling Trail where it splits off.
Until further notice this will also be the finish.

The Park Service does not want cars parked in the Yealing Trail parking lot overnight so please drop off all of your supplies in the parking lot and park your cars in the Silver Glen Springs parking lot and pay appropriate fees.

Each individual or team should register prior to 7pm and check back in when they have completed the course.

The 7am check-in time is very strict. If you have not returned from the course and checked in by 7am then your score will not be considered for overall rankings.

A great Map of the forest is located here:

You can get a black and white copy of it printed at Kinko's for $4.00. Color copies are REALLY expensive!!

Email me at to get the spreadsheet and GPS download.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dash for Cache - Ocala - Post 1

Dash for Cache
Ocala National Forest
Aug 15-16th
7pm – 7am

Explore the Ocala National Forest in a Rogaine-style Night Adventure.

This is an informal event for individuals or teams where participants search for geo-caches and earn points based on the terrain & difficulty.

The participants with the most points that have returned by the 7am deadline will be declared the winners.

There is a strict 12-hour time limit. All participants not checked into the main camping site by 7am finish deadline will be not be counted for overall rankings.

On August 8th I will post a list of the caches that are eligible and the starting point. Ocala is a large area so be prepared to spend some time planning each cache that you will attempt to find.

My contact info is Kier O'Neil at: or 904-233-2605. Please put “Dash for Cache” in the subject line. All those that send me an email will get a spreadsheet of the caches to be used during the event.

This is a Free event organized for the pleasure of getting out into nature. The winner will get an authentic set of Geo-Caching dogtags (aka travel bugs ;-).

Suggested Gear:
Digital Camera (we request that you take a photo of each cache for verification)
Maps ( I may be able to provide maps for the cost of printing them)
Extra batteries
Bug spray
Enough food for 12 hours
Hydration bladder with purification tablets or water filter.
First Aid Kit
Camping gear in case you decide to sleep a little.

Disclaimer: Any outdoor activity in the wilderness is risky. You assume the risk by participating and hold harmless the organizer.